Mawaddah Begins Audit for ISO Stand...
Mawaddah Begins Audit for ISO Standards
May 2017

When the management at Mawaddah International Group for Hotel & Umrah Services learned that the Ministry of Hajj was planning to announce a new requirement that all companies offering Umrah services become ISO 9001:2015 certified, they decided to get ahead of the game by meeting those standards now.

ISO 9001:2015 is a set of standards put forth by the International Organization for Standardization. It is based on quality management principles such as the process approach to continual improvement and putting the customer at the focal point to ensure that the company meets customer needs and expectations. Overall, implementation of the standards helps organizations to be more efficient and improves customer satisfaction, both of which can fuel growth and profits.

Mawaddah began the process of implementing ISO 9001 with an internal audit to assess the company’s current processes, practices and internal relationships, in order to gauge their conformity with the ISO standards and to identify areas for improvement. Mawaddah staff were trained in the audit process including how to produce systematic, independent, well documented evidence and how to objectively evaluate that evidence to determine the extent to which the criteria of the standards were being fulfilled.

The internal audit, a management tool Mawaddah is using to measure the effectiveness of quality management and identify areas of non-conformance with ISO 9001 standards so that corrective actions can be implemented, is expected to result in improved efficiency and business opportunities. As part of the process, Mawaddah managers are focusing on increasing quality awareness and reducing quality costs.

The next step in the process is an external audit and finally, the ISO certification.

Mawaddah International Group was ranked by the Ministry of Hajj as one of the top ten companies in 1437 A.H. for providing pilgrims’ services.

Nesma Trading: Riyadh Metro Project...
Nesma Trading: Riyadh Metro Project Update
Apr 2017

Alongside its sister company Nesma and Partners, Nesma Trading is working on the Riyadh Metro project in joint venture with its French partner Sixense-Soldata which is part of the Vinci Group, one of the largest construction companies in the world.

Nesma Trading’s scope in the project is to provide monitoring services for the tunnels, deep underground stations and all the sensitive civil infrastructure installments. Led by the Business Ventures Division of Nesma Trading, the monitoring services are used by the main contractor as a risk management tool in order to guide the path of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) during construction activities, in order to avoid damaging sensitive infrastructure or public and private properties.

Nesma Trading’s project team has recently received two awards from BACS (Bechtel, Almabani, CCC, Siemens) for its efforts in the project. the “TUS Annual HSE Award” for achieving the highest safety standards in the project and a recognition award for the team’s ongoing commitment and dedication to the project as a subcontractor.

NT&T Completes RSAF-EMDAD Project
NT&T Completes RSAF-EMDAD Project
Mar 2017

Nesma Telecom & Technology was recognized by the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) for successfully completing EMDAD Integrated Logistics Management Information System program (ILMIS).

NT&T’s scope of work in the project was the overall delivery of software, hardware, a database and an operating system. Additionally, NT&T has successfully implemented GOLDespTM, a solution by Tapestry Solutions (Boeing Company), which is a fully integrated maintenance and supply application for all RSAF fixed wing and rotary aircraft that extends to flight simulators, armaments, and components.

Nesma Sponsors 2017 Jeddah Marathon
Nesma Sponsors 2017 Jeddah Marathon
Mar 2017

As part of its social responsibility, Nesma Holding again sponsored the annual Jeddah Marathon which was attended by thousands of Saudi and international athletes and running champions.

Organized by the well-known charity organization, Albir Society, and with the support of Jeddah officials, Jeddah Marathon takes place every year in Jeddah with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing the youth with a competitive activity with varying degrees of challenge and valuable prizes.

The marathon is organized for different categories of Jeddah society, from professional runners to hobbyists and people with special needs. This year’s marathon was divided into three categories: 4km, 8km, 21km and Nesma’s path is the longest for both wheelchair participants and the general participants.

During the marathon’s award ceremony, a speech was given by Nesma president, Sh. Saleh Al-Turki, where he emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and thanked the marathon organizers for their great efforts in delivering a successful event.

Nesma’s support for this event dates back to its inception, as Sh.Saleh who first championed the idea of having a marathon in Jeddah, after seeing its success in the Eastern Province.

Namma International Marine Services...
Namma International Marine Services Receives an Award
Mar 2017

Namma International Marine Services received an award for its excellent work at Jeddah Islamic Port in 2016.

The award ceremony was held at the training center in Jeddah Islamic Port in the presence of the President of the Saudi Ports Authority, Dr. Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi.

Al-Amoudi awarded several companies from the port society sector in addition to shipping agents, importers and customs brokers. He expressed his appreciation for the awardees’ efforts in 2016 saying, “You deserve these awards for your outstanding efforts in performing all the operations of the port, namely handling containers and cargoes, loading and unloading operations, ending the clearance procedures and clearing goods in record time in addition to proving your competence as strategic partners of the port while earning a good local, regional and international reputation.”

Nesma Trading Awarded Advanced Rese...
Nesma Trading Awarded Advanced Research Computing Facility Project
Mar 2017

Nesma Trading’s Technical Systems Division has been awarded the Advanced Research Computing Facility project by Saudi Aramco, located at Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. The project type is In-Kingdom Lump Sum Turnkey (IK-LSTK) and it is valued at SAR 94 million.

The scope of the 14-month project is to develop the site infrastructure necessary to support a total of 16 modular data center (MDC) units with entrance vestibules with six of the MDC’s installed in the initial phases at the EXPEC Advance Research Center at Dhahran.

The site development will include the supporting civil, structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical infrastructure requirements along with communication cables and storm drains.

Nesma Trading Awarded Fire Protecti...
Nesma Trading Awarded Fire Protection Systems Project
Mar 2017

Nesma Trading was awarded a project to replace the fire alarm and fire-fighting systems at Saudi Aramco communities through an In-Kingdom Lump Sum Turnkey (IK-TSTK) project valued at SAR 27 million.

Nesma Trading’s scope of work includes the design, supply and installation of new addressable fire alarm systems to replace the old obsolete conventional fire alarm systems in 67 community buildings at Saudi Aramco, including Dhahran, Ras Tanura and Udhailiyah. Additionally, the work includes the design, supply and installation of two new fire pump sets replacing the old fire pump sets in two buildings in Dhahran and the design, supply and installation of new control equipment for wet-chemical fire-fighting systems in two buildings in Ras Tanura.

This project was awarded to Nesma Trading by Saudi Aramco on January 30, 2017 and will continue for two years.

NW&E Hosts Visit by Saur Group
NW&E Hosts Visit by Saur Group
Mar 2017

Nesma Water & Energy was visited by Saur Group, a French company specialized in water management and energy solutions. The group was represented by Jean-Philippe, CEO and Imad Alqahtani, Business Development Manager, as part of the French business delegation operating in the Saudi Kingdom since 2008.

The purpose of Saur Group’s visit was to exchange expertise in the field of water and assets management in addition to discussing potential future cooperation with Nesma Water & Energy.

NW&E: KAEC Industrial Valley Phase...
NW&E: KAEC Industrial Valley Phase 2 Project Update
Mar 2017

Valued at SAR 310.8 million, the Industrial Valley Phase 2 (IV2) Combined Infrastructure Works project, located in Rabigh at the industrial valley phase 2 of King Abdullah Economic City, was awarded to Nesma Water & Energy in 2014 by its client King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).

Nesma’s scope of work in the project includes the development of KAEC’s IV2 infrastructure with an approximate area of 6.5 million square meters for water and power utilities in addition to roads and civil works.

The water utilities include potable water, sewage lines, treated sewage effluent (TSE), networks and storm water lines. The power utilities portion of the project includes, electrical low voltage cables for a total of 44,477 linear meters, electrical medium voltage cables for a total of 103,740 linear meters, telecommunication lines for a total of 19,250 linear meters, package substations with a total of 8 units, a motor control center (MCC) with a total of 8 units, street lighting panels with a total of 8 units and 629 light poles.

The roads and civil works portion includes 334,450 m2 of road work, 134 reinforced concrete valve chambers units and 285 reinforced concrete manholes for sewage and stormwater.

As the main engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor in a 12-month project, Nesma faced several challenges during the IV2 Infrastructure works project. However, the NW&E team successfully overcame them due to the true dedication and commitment of its project team.

Nesma Shares Experience in Muscat S...
Nesma Shares Experience in Muscat Social Responsibility Conference
Feb 2017

Nesma Holding’s Executive Manager, Group Support Services, Noura Al-Turki, presented at a social responsibility conference in Muscat, Oman.

Under the title “Social Responsibility... Establishing Rights, Developing Work and Sustaining Growth”, the conference was organized by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the General Union of Workers in the Sultanate of Oman.

During the conference, Al-Turki shared Nesma’s experience in promoting labor rights and focusing on corporate social responsibility through a presentation titled, “The Saudi Experience.” Al-Turki explained, “Social responsibility begins with promoting the rights of your employees, providing them with a harmonious and welcoming work environment, and supporting talented employees’ career development.”

Nesma & Partners: SANG Hospital Pro...
Nesma & Partners: SANG Hospital Project Update
Feb 2017

Nesma & Partners was awarded the Saudi Arabian National Guard Health Affairs (SANG) Specialized Hospitals projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Taif and Al Qassim. Nesma’s scope of work includes the construction of five specialized hospitals for SANG in different locations around the Saudi kingdom.

 The project includes Women and Maternity Hospital in Riyadh with 300 beds, King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital in Jeddah with 350 beds, the Neuroscience and Trauma Care Center in Jeddah with 176 beds, King Salman Specialized Hospital in Taif with 300 beds andKing Abdullah Specialized Hospital in Qassim with 300 beds.

The project, which began in April 2014, is the largest awarded to Nesma & Partners to date and worth SAR 8,473,000,000.

NT&T Completes BPM Project for Saud...
NT&T Completes BPM Project for Saudi Industrial Development Fund
Feb 2017

Nesma Telecom & Technology (NT&T) has successfully completed an important project in business process modeling (BPM) using K2 as a platform for the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) in Riyadh.

According to Yasser Abusamrah, Director of Information Services, NT&T, “Nesma divided this project into six stages executing sequentially. Each stage consisted of several steps of verifications, approvals internally and externally, and feedback from customers in order to maintain transparency and increase efficiency.”

Nesma Trading Awarded SAPRE Project...
Nesma Trading Awarded SAPRE Project for Saudi Aramco
Feb 2017

Nesma Trading was awarded the Southern Area Power Reliability Enhancements project by Saudi Aramco.

The project, valued at SAR 133 million, will fortify the power supply to Khuff area gas wells including Shedgum, Aindar and Fazran areas, by replacing the old, deteriorated wooden poles supporting 13.8 kV overhead power lines with new, reliable steel poles. The project covers the installation of new steel poles for a total length of 151 kilometers.

This three-year project started on December 20, 2016.

Mawaddah Signs First Contract with...
Mawaddah Signs First Contract with Malaysian Hajj Commission
Feb 2017

Mawaddah recently signed its first Hajj agreement with the Malaysian Hajj Commission for the accommodation of its pilgrims during 2017.

The company continues to grow its market share in Malaysia and the rest of the world for Umrah and Hajj.

Graduation of Safety Officers from...
Graduation of Safety Officers from Nesma High Training Institute
Jan 2017

Nesma High Training Institute celebrated the graduation of its first batch of Safety Officers.

82 trainees celebrated their achievement in a graduation ceremony at Nesma High Training Institute building which included honoring 20 graduates who received an Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration (OSHA) certificate for preventing workplace safety and health hazards.

During a nine-month program, Nesma’s Safety Officers received training in job skills, English language, math, information technology, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) skills and work ethics.

NT&T Signs Contract with KAEC
NT&T Signs Contract with KAEC
Jan 2017

Nesma Telecom & Technology (NT&T) has signed its first contract with King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) to build a special GSM tower with camouflaged cladding (mosaic).

The GSM tower can serve all three network operators in Saudi Arabia (STC, Mobily and Zain).

Nesma Electric provides an extensive range of services and equipment for power transmission and distribution, including power protection and control. As an electrical power, engineering and contracting company, the company specializes in the execution of electrical power transmission reinforcement projects and primary electrical power equipment supply for GIS substation extension projects on both the 110 kV and 132 kV levels.

Nesma Trading Provides Hospitality...
Nesma Trading Provides Hospitality Training to Saudis in Jizan
Jan 2017

Nesma Trading signed an agreement with the Higher Institute for Tourism & Hospitality in Jazan to train 65 Saudis.

The program aims to support the nationalization movement and the duration of the training is six months ending with employment opportunities within Nesma Catering’s ongoing projects.

The Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality is the first specialized institute in the field of tourism and restaurant management in Saudi Arabia.

NW&E Featured in MENAFN
NW&E Featured in MENAFN
Jan 2017

Nesma was featured in theMiddle East North AfricaFinancial Network (MENAFN)

 for working on the Industrial Valley project valued at SAR 80 million.

According to MENAFN’s online news portal, “King AbdullahEconomic City has inked a deal with Nesma Water & Energy in order to develop the third phase-C of the Industrial Valley. (, the firm will design and build the core infrastructure for the phase, involving a comprehensive water system covering freshwater supply, sewage and drainage.”

It is worth mentioning that, the industrial Valley Phase 3 phase-C Infrastructure Works project is one of the largest infrastructure contracts offered to date by King Abdullah Economic City.

To become the project’s main engineering, procurement and construction contractor, Nesma Water & Energy (NW&E)competed against some of the largest names in the industry and secured the award by offering advantages in quality, cost and a trusted reputation. NW&E plans to complete the project within 500 days.

Jollibee Opens New Store
Jollibee Opens New Store
Jan 2017

Jollibee Saudi Arabia celebrated the opening of its 13th branch in the Kingdom, located in the Baroom Center, Jeddah.

The opening ceremony
was attended by Jollibee and Chowking’s General Manager, Faisal Bahmrez, and Turki Basabrain, Jollibee and Chowking’s HR and Administrative Manager.

Jollibee is the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines with over 600 stores. Jollibee’s menu includes a wide selection of food including hamburgers, fried chicken and ice cream. It is endearingly known as the McDonald’s of the Philippines.

Nesma Consortium Awarded SR3.2 Bill...
Nesma Consortium Awarded SR3.2 Billion Public Transport Contract
Jan 2017

A consortium made up of Nesma Holding and Transports Ciutat Comtal (TCC), a Spanish transport company, was awarded a contract for operation and maintenance of Makkah Public Transportation Program (MPTP) buses, valued at SAR 3.1 billion.

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal, Governor of Makkah Province, and Nesma President, Sh. Saleh Al-Turki signed the contract which includes handling the supply, operation and maintenance of 400 buses for a period of 10 years. Under the contract, the consortium will start operating the Makkah public transport system after 18 months.

The project will provide public transportation service for all segments of the society, and to help transform and improve travel throughout the city while adhering to social, economic, environmental and traffic conditions, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The public transport system will be implemented as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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