NW&E Bahraini Water Plant Receives...
NW&E Bahraini Water Plant Receives Royal Inauguration
May 2024

The Khalifa City Water Distribution Station in Bahrain, constructed by Nesma Water & Energy and Al Moayyed Contracting, was inaugurated in an April 30th ceremony attended by Bahraini and Saudi VIPs including Nesma Water & Energy CEO Mahmoud Fallatah and COO Ashraf Radwan, as well as Al Moayyed Contracting CEO Hala Al Moayyed. The SAR 134 million project is one of many in Bahrain funded by the Saudi Development Fund (SFD).

As one of the celebrations of Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s Silver Jubilee, the inauguration was led by Bahrain’s Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa and attended by Shaikh Yasser Ibrahim Al Humaidan, Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs as well as Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) president. The inauguration was broadcast on both Bahraini and Saudi media. The CEO of the SFD, Sultan bin Abdulrahman Al-Marshad, also spoke, lauding the importance of the water station as a sustainable development project funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nesma United Industries Launches NE...
Nesma United Industries Launches NES
May 2024

Nesma United Industries (NUI) has launched NES, a new venture driven by experts experienced in the fields of gaming and esports. NES offers a cutting-edge creation and production studio for content creation, immersive LED content projection, tournament and event organization, broadcast services, talent management and influencer marketing. NUI has curated a dynamic team with the experience and expertise to help each client realize their vision and revolutionize storytelling in the Kingdom.

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology W...
Nesma Infrastructure & Technology Wins SEC Project
Apr 2024

Nesma Infrastructure and Technology (NIT) has signed a contract valued at around SAR 400 million with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to construct the Al Jazeera Royal Palace Substation in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

The scope of work for this fast-track project includes engineering, procurement, construction, testing & commissioning and energizing the 

transmission substation along with its connection to the national grid through around 45 km of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables.

This turnkey project is set to be delivered within 17 months.

Nesma United Industries Delivers Qi...
Nesma United Industries Delivers Qiddiya Project
Apr 2024

In January, Nesma United Industries (NUI) delivered a SAR 287 million turnkey project in Qiddiya that involved engineering, procurement and construction. The scope of work entailed a potable water pumping plant yielding up to 7,500 m3 daily production, irrigation water pumping plant, sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 1,500 m3 daily, district cooling plant with a cooling load of 12,490 tons daily, a six km corridor trench with piping, medium voltage cables & ICT networks and a 1.8 km culvert tunnel network of storm & sewage piping.

The water pumping plant is permanent whereas the other utilities serve as temporary works to be replaced in two years. This scope of work normally would take around 18 months to complete; however, NUI was able to deliver the project in under six months. 

One aspect of Vision 2030 is to enhance the quality of life experienced by the Kingdom’s visitors and residents. Qiddiya, set to be one of the answers to that challenge, is designed to be a cultural, sports and entertainment hub harnessing the power of play. 

Nesma Water & Energy to Collaborate...
Nesma Water & Energy to Collaborate with Saur
Apr 2024

In February, leading French water company Saur visited Nesma Water & Energy (NW&E) to discuss opportunities for collaboration. The two teams considered the capabilities and expertise of their respective companies then signed an MOU to collaborate on future projects. Representatives from both companies will soon team up to analyze the large number of upcoming contracts and identify those with the greatest potential for a successful bid.  

Both delegations consisted of top executives with Nesma being represented by President Faisal Alturki, Chairman Fouad Alsherebi and NW&E CEO Mahmoud Fallatah along with NW&E’s CIO, Legal Director and PPP Financing Officer.

Saur has 90 years’ experience in the water sector and has delivered key projects in the Saudi market. 

Nesma United Industries Wins Sheyba...
Nesma United Industries Wins Sheybarah Hotel Project
Mar 2024

Nesma United Industries has been awarded a SAR 39M EPC communications and digital infrastructure project at Sheybarah South Hotel #10 on Sheybarah Island in the Red Sea. The hotel consists of 73 villas constructed in pods, each affording a unique ocean and reef experience. 

The scope of work includes communications networks, audio visual, WIFI, CCTV and digital security installation. The 13-month contract, expected to finish in October, 2024 offers unique challenges due to the one-hour ferry time required to reach the island in order to bring workers and materials.

Nesma Water & Energy PPP Plants Com...
Nesma Water & Energy PPP Plants Commence Commercial Production
Mar 2024

The Nesma Water & Energy consortium public-private partnership (PPP) projects have both begun commercial water production. Both projects are reverse-osmosis desalination water plants developed for the Saudi Water Partnership Company. With the commencement of production, these two projects also begin their 25-year operations and water purchase contracts.

Located in Al Rais, Al-Madinah province, the SAR 3.29B Yanbu 4 independent water plant began its commercial production ahead of schedule. This first-of-its-kind project has a daily capacity of 450,000 m3 and uses a 10MW solar power plant to provide energy efficiency. Nesma has a 30% stake in the consortium with Engie and Mowah. The EPC contractor is Doosan. 

The SAR 2.6B Jubail 3B project utilizes a 61MW solar array and was completed in just 28 months. The plant can produce around 570,000 m3 of potable water daily for the cities of Jubail and Dammam. Nesma also has a 30% stake in this consortium with Engie and Al-Ajlan working with EPC contractors Acciona, Sepco III and Power Construction Corp.

Nesma United Industries Awarded NEO...
Nesma United Industries Awarded NEOM Re-greening Projects
Feb 2024

The Landscaping Division (LSD) of Nesma United Industries was awarded two contracts totaling over SAR 63 million for the re-greening of NEOM. For both contracts, the LSD collaborated with the NEOM Environment Department to design the re-greening plan and irrigation systems. NEOM provided the plants and trees, all native to Saudi Arabia.

The total scope of work for the contracts includes the installation of irrigation systems, the planting of two million trees, shrubs and ground-cover plants and two 12-month operations & maintenance agreements (O&M).

A stand-alone drip irrigation system sourcing its water from Al Bedaa, is currently under construction. The final O&M phase begins with the completion of construction, scheduled for May, 2024.

NEOM is the Kingdom’s futuristic city set to encompass many of the goals and values of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Nesma Security Signs Madinah Contra...
Nesma Security Signs Madinah Contract
Jan 2024

Nesma Security has won a SAR 46 million contract with the Rua AlMadinah company. The three-year contract for this Public Investment Fund project requires securing access to the project along with its assets and involves the installation of security systems. This project will provide over 100 jobs for Saudis.

The contract was signed during the Industry & Local Content Medinah Forum, which was sponsored by Nesma Security and held under the patronage of his Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Khalid, Deputy Governor of the Madinah province.

The Rua AlMadinah project is designed to rehabilitate parts of the city, add over 47,000 hotel rooms, increase green spaces and provide modern transportation solutions all to enhance the pilgrim experience in the holy city. By 2030, the city should be able to accommodate up to 30 million Umrah visitors.

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology P...
Nesma Infrastructure & Technology Projects
Jan 2024

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology (NIT) has three projects to announce. Two of the projects provide crucial electric infrastructure to facilitate the Kingdom’s 2030 development goals. The third is a critical security contract for NEOM.

Farasan Island Electric
Farasan Island Electric
Jan 2024

NIT’s proven track record with infrastructure has garnered the company another contract with the Saudi Electricity Company. This SAR 300 million contract is to build a state-of-the-art 132 kV power transfer station on Farasan Island, providing a transformative advancement for the island’s power capabilities to enable future growth and grid stability. Farasan Island is located in the Red Sea off the southern coast of Saudi Arabia.

Aseer 2nd Industrial City
Aseer 2nd Industrial City
Jan 2024

NIT was represented by Chairman Fouad Alsherebi at the launch of the Aseer province’s 2nd Industrial City. The event was organized by Modon under the patronage of HRH Prince Turki bin Talal Al Saud, Governor of Aseer, and was attended by HE Minister of Industry & Mineral Resources Bandar Alkhorayef. At the event, Chairman Alsherebi signed an infrastructure contract with Modon, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities & Technology Zones. NIT’s 30-month contract, worth SAR 125 million, is to construct a substation that will be located in Abha and support the 2nd Industrial City.

NEOM Security
NEOM Security
Jan 2024

NIT has a contract with NEOM to operate and maintain all of the area security systems. The company will also supply spare parts as needed. Valued at around SAR 50 million, this three-year, renewable contract was signed in August 2023. The contract will create numerous Saudi jobs for engineers, contract managers, project managers and others to maintain the security systems including radar, digital networks, CCTV, firewalls and more.

Nesma United Industries Completes S...
Nesma United Industries Completes Sindalah Golf Course Contract
Jan 2024

In October 2023, Nesma United Industries (NUI) completed a SAR 18 million, 13-month contract for the operation and maintenance of the award-winning, 18-hole Sindalah Island Golf Course, a course which the company constructed itself in 2021-2022. The scope of work for this project was executed by NUI’s Landscaping Division and entailed the provision of water for the golf course, in addition to maintenance of the irrigation and drainage system, fairways, pathways and landscaping. In order to provide irrigation water, the company had to haul it from the mainland to supply the irrigation tanks.

Spacemaker Wins Red Sea Projects
Spacemaker Wins Red Sea Projects
Dec 2023

Spacemaker, a subsidiary of Nesma United Industries, has won contracts to install bathroom pods at luxury villas located on Shura Island, part of the Red Sea development project. The Shura Island Program 4 Golf Estate will be fashioned with an 18-hole golf course, practice facilities and clubhouse. Integrated into the design are 75 villas with luxury amenities. Spacemaker will supply high-end bathroom units for each villa, a total of 400 pods, with marble and other high-quality finishes along with the associated  mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work. The SAR 61.8M project is due in April 2024. Spacemaker will install similar bathroom pods for Hotel Central 3 (The Reef), an exclusive hotel and spa on Shura Island with 150 guest accommodations ranging from rooms, to suites, to villas each with a view over the swimming lagoon or the beach. This SAR 49.4M contract due in June 2024, calls for an additional 204 Spacemaker bathroom pods with high-end finishes along with the MEP work.

Nesma Infrastructure &Technology Wi...
Nesma Infrastructure &Technology Wins NEOM Project
Dec 2023

Nesma Infrastructure & Technology signed a contract with NEOM valued at around SAR 50 million to install Sindalah’s public safety systems. The scope of work covers the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of comprehensive security systems, including CCTV cameras, radar and more. Delivery of the project is anticipated for June 2024. Billed on its website as “a place where enhanced nature meets responsible design, advanced technology and inspirational architecture,” Sindalah is set to be a luxury island resort destination with golfing, wellness spas, yachting and exclusive retail.

Nesma Water & Energy Delivers Al Za...
Nesma Water & Energy Delivers Al Zaidi Project
Dec 2023

The Nesma Water and Energy Al Zaidi Water Network project was completed and closed in October, 2023. The scope of work was to deliver two 50,000 m3 carbon steel tanks, excavate and backfill 190,000 m3, complete 59,000 meters of pipe work, apply asphalt on a guard house building, relocate existing services and more. Upon delivery of the project, National Water Company praised its high quality.   

Nesma Co. and CJ Logistics Sign MOU...
Nesma Co. and CJ Logistics Sign MOU, Eyeing Middle Eastern Expansion
Nov 2023

Nesma Co. and CJ Logistics have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Signed at CJ Logistic’s headquarters in Seoul's Jongno district, the agreement will see both companies actively exploring joint business opportunities and prioritizing each other in the pursuit of new ventures in Saudi Arabia.

CJ Logistics is currently establishing a Global Distribution Center in the Middle East, expected to be operational next year, to manage international shipments for the online retailer iHerb. Kang Byung-koo, the head of CJ Logistics’ Global Business Division, expressed optimism about the partnership, saying that through cooperation with Nesma Co., they aim to expand their influence in the Middle Eastern logistics market.

Nesma Renewables Consortium Wins Al...
Nesma Renewables Consortium Wins Al Henakiyah Project
Nov 2023

As part of a consortium with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co. PJSC (Masdar) and EDF Renouvelables (Renewables), Nesma Renewable Energy (NRE) has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Saudi Power Procurement Company, the Principal Buyer authorized by the Ministry of Energy.

The PPA is for the Al Henakiyah project and will buy electricity at the competitive price of 0.0168420 USD p/kwh (6.31575 halalas). At a capacity of 1100 MW, this solar PV plant can power over 190,000 residential units annually.
The project is part of the National Renewable Energy program, an important component of Vision 2030 aiming to have renewable energy make up 50% of the country’s power mix, support a sustainable economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

NIT Wins Multiple SEC Projects
NIT Wins Multiple SEC Projects
Nov 2023

On November 2nd, 2023, Nesma Infrastructure and Technology (NIT) signed a major strategic package with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) valued at over SAR 1.3 billion to construct and deliver 16 high-voltage transmission substations to support the ongoing rapid development in the eastern region of the Kingdom.

The scope of work for these fast-track contracts includes the engineering, procurement, construction, testing & commissioning and energization of the transmission substations along with their connection to the Saudi Arabian national grid, with an approximate delivery of 16 months.The substations will be built on a lump sum turnkey basis under the Network Reinforcement Program for Big Cities to benefit existing cities in the eastern region and facilitate their future growth.

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