BAYAT Hotel by Nesma Orbit
BAYAT Hotel by Nesma Orbit
Mar 2018

Nesma Orbit’s Riyadh team finished working on BAYAT Hotel by Crystal in Khamis Mushayt, south-west Saudi Arabia.


Nesma started working on BAYAT project in November 2015 with
a project scope including the
hotel’s gym, a spa area with a
pool, bathrooms and a countertop, restaurants, coffee shops and a hardscape with marble and porcelain.

New Jollibee Opens in Riyadh
New Jollibee Opens in Riyadh
Mar 2018

Jollibee celebrated the opening of its newest branch at Villagio Mall in Riyadh. Jollibee Villagio Mall is the KSA’s 14th store and the 2nd in Al Batha district, downtown the Saudi capital. The opening ceremony was attended by Jollibee’s General Manager, Faisal Bamhrez; Jollibee’s Operations Head, Ronel Nape; Turki Basabrain, HR and Admin Manager and Saleh Ali Alharthi, the Executive Director of Villagio Mall.

Nesma Telecom & Technology Signs Ag...
Nesma Telecom & Technology Signs Agreement with Comsof
Feb 2018

Nesma Telecom & Technology (NT&T) signed a strategic partnership with Comsof to establish its presence in the Saudi Arabian field of communication infrastructure.

Comsof is a telecommunications and computer networking company with a broad experience in software development. NT&T’s cooperation with Comsof’s will support Nesma in making a new contribution in developing the kingdom’s communication infrastructure.

Al-Naseem Mawaddah Hotel Receives B...
Al-Naseem Mawaddah Hotel Receives Booking Guest Review Award
Feb 2018

Al-Naseem Mawaddah Hotel received Booking’s 2017 Guest Review Award for scoring 8.7 out of 10, based on positive guest reviews on the travel site. Mawaddah management wishes to thank Al-Naseem’s Hotel Manager, Mr. Nasir Uddin, and the entire hotel staff for their hard work and dedication, which contributed to this achievement.

Nesma Orbit: New Factory
Nesma Orbit: New Factory
Feb 2018

Nesma Orbit has established its latest factory with a 50,000 square meter expansion area in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Nesma Orbit’s new factory consists of a marble warehouse, a showroom for luxury items and a technical showroom with a display of the company’s entire collection, including its decorative expression line.


The company’s customization services started with its first 2,000 square meter factory, which later expanded to 8,500 square meters, before the establishment of the new factory.

Nesma Holding and Saudi Aramco Expa...
Nesma Holding and Saudi Aramco Expand Partnership for the Community
Feb 2018

Nesma Holding signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saudi Aramco and Albir Society to support fishermen in Baish, Jizan region. The MoU aims to enable low-income fishermen to acquire the skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable financial income by providing them with new fishing boats, modern engines and advanced safety equipment.


The agreement was signed by Nesma Holding’s President, Sh. Saleh Al-Turki, Saudi Aramco’s Vice President, Nasser Al Nafisi, and the General Manager of Albir Society in Baish, Mohammed Fakih.


Additionally, Nesma Holding signed a MoU with Saudi Aramco, Alalia Foundation for Local Infrastructure Development and the Charitable Society in Hail, to build a sewing and embroidery factory in Hail.


The MoU was signed under the patronage of Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad, Governor of Hail Region, with the aim to create 100 employment opportunities for women with low-income and special needs.

Nesma & Partners Sponsors IKTVA SME...
Nesma & Partners Sponsors IKTVA SMEs Forum and Exhibition
Dec 2017

As a gold sponsor and an exhibitor, Nesma & Partners participated in the In-Kingdom Total Value Add for Small and Medium Enterprises (IKTVA SME’s) 2017 Forum and Exhibition, held at Dhahran Expo Center in Dammam.

Nesma & Partners was one of 109 exhibitors who participated in IKTVA exhibition including Saudi Aramco, local and international companies, government agencies and service providers.

IKTVA program was launched in December 2015 with an emphasis
on three main objectives: double the percentage of locally-produced energy- related goods and services by 2021, export 30% of the total domestic energy goods and services produced in Saudi Arabia and create thousands of direct and in-direct jobs for Saudis across the growing industries.

Nesma Holding Sponsors 2107 Asbar a...
Nesma Holding Sponsors 2107 Asbar and MiSK Forums
Dec 2017

Nesma Holding sponsored two globally recognized events, the 2017 Asbar World Forum and the MiSK Foundation’s 2017 Global Forum.

As a platinum sponsor in Asbar Forum, Nesma supported creative and innovative discussions of the knowledge economy, scientific aspirations and development plans for Saudi Arabia.

Titled, “Creativity and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy/ The 4th Industrial Revolution,” Asbar World Forum was held over three days with the participation of 66 international and local speakers.

Additionally, Nesma was a silver sponsor of the MiSK Foundation’s 2017 Global Forum held over two days in Riyadh. The theme 
this year, “Meeting the Challenge of Change,” allowed the Forum participants to explore change opportunities in four main areas: living; working; learning; and contributing.

Representing Nesma at Misk 2017 were: Noura Alturki, Nesma Holding Executive Manager Group Support Services;
Salah Al-Sunaid, CEO Nesma Electric; and Ali Al-Zahrani, Nesma Holding Riyadh Office Manager.

Nesma Holding Sponsors “Together fo...
Nesma Holding Sponsors “Together for a Bright Tomorrow” Anti-Drug Campaign
Dec 2017

“Together for a Bright Tomorrow” is the slogan 
of the anti-drug campaign sponsored by Nesma Holding and inaugurated by both Prince Mishaal bin Majid bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Jeddah, and the General Directorate of Narcotics Control.

“Together for a Bright Tomorrow” aims to raise awareness of the dangers of narcotic substances by conducting awareness programs in schools and universities. Additionally, it provides counseling services for families affected by harmful addiction.

Nesma Airlines Launches SaraJevo Ro...
Nesma Airlines Launches SaraJevo Route
Sep 2017

Nesma Airlines celebrated the launch of a new route from Riyadh to Sarajevo. The event took place at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh on July 4th. Among attendees were managers from Nesma Airlines Riyadh office and airport officials.

Nesma Airlines is the first of its kind to operate an international route to Sarajevo. Flights depart daily from Riyadh.

Nesma to Provide Internships for Fe...
Nesma to Provide Internships for Female Engineers
Jul 2017

In partnership with the Saudi Council of Engineers, Nesma Electric, Nesma Trading and Nesma & Partners shall be offering summer internships to 15 female engineers as part of a national campaign to encourage and train women in engineering. The internships will be in the areas of civil, electrical, mechanical, among others.

Nesma Holding Sponsors Makkah Cultu...
Nesma Holding Sponsors Makkah Cultural Forum
Jun 2017

Nesma Holding was a sponsor of the Makkah Cultural Forum, organized by the Makkah Province Emirate to promote human development and affinity to place. The forum hosted a campaign across the Makkah Province entitled “How Can I be a Role Model?” with the aim to highlight exemplary role models in society and to promote the concept of role models. More information can be found here:

As part of the same campaign, Nesma Art Gallery hosted an art exhibit on the subject that was inaugurated by Director-General of Education in Jeddah, Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Thaqaf

Nesma & Partners Completes Global C...
Nesma & Partners Completes Global Center in Riyadh
Jun 2017

Nesma & Partners completed work on the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh, just in time for its inauguration by King Salman and other world leaders, including US President Donald Trump.

The project, covering a total area of 20,000 square meters, was completed in 30 days and entailed converting an existing 40-year old conference palace into a new command and control center, equipped with data center, briefing hall (330 flat screens), command center (210 video walls), and telecommunication and electrical rooms. Work also included a royal reception area, new granite and stamped concrete paving, landscaping, support offices and pantries.

Nesma & Partners manpower peaked at 1,200 men working 24/7 for the whole duration of the project. The project demonstrated the strength of synergies across the Nesma Group, where Nesma Trading performed the low current, data systems and landscaping, while Nesma Security replaced the Royal Guard in securing the whole facility.

The project’s biggest success was the work model established by Saudi Aramco, in which Aramco, Dar, and Nesma worked as one flexible team able to adapt to the required changes and execute decisions swiftly to cope with the fast-pace of the project. This video, published on the Center’s YouTube page, is a 30-day time-lapse of the project:

Commenting on the impressive work and entrepreneurialism that went into this project, daughter of the US President, Ms. Ivanka Trump, joked that she “may need to borrow those contractors for a next construction project”, in comments that made global headlines (

Nesma Holding Wins 2017 Makkah Awar...
Nesma Holding Wins 2017 Makkah Award
Jun 2017

Nesma Holding has received the award for “Excellence in Urbanization” at the 2017 Makkah Excellence Awards Ceremony, under the patronage of Makkah Governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

The Makkah Excellence awards are given annually and also cover the categories of Haj and Umrah Services, Administrative Excellence, Cultural Excellence, Social Excellence, Economic Excellence, Environmental Excellence, Scientific Excellence and Humanitarian Excellence.

The award to Nesma was earned for its role, through Nesma & Partners, in implementing and pioneering multiple high-profile projects in the Makkah province. Utilizing national expertise, the projects were completed on-time and adhered to high technical standards. Several projects were of critical importance to the region such as the Jeddah Stormwater Drainage project, the Jabal Omar project and the King Abdullah Road project to name a few.

Receiving the award at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jeddah, Mr. Saleh Al-Turki, Nesma Holding President said, “Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has recognized the threat of despair and hopelessness in our culture, and has sought to create an opposite culture of hope and success…. The Makkah Excellence Awards are a unique platform [to promote this positive culture] and we all have the right to feel happy and proud.”

Nesma & Partners: Camel Heritage Pr...
Nesma & Partners: Camel Heritage Project
May 2017

Nesma & Partners has completed its work on the Camel Heritage project, sponsored by Saudi Aramco and located in Rimah, 140 km northeast of Riyadh. The Camel Heritage project is a state-of-the-art facility for racing, auctioning, competing and judging, as well as boarding Saudi Arabia’s finest camels.

Nesma was one of the primary contractors for the temporary camps to accommodate both workers and VIPs. The scope of work for this project, which was completed in 3 months, included temporary camps to accommodate workers and VIPs, as well as installation of 335 prefabricated units, two clinics, six guardhouses, 20 km of dual carriage road, 6 km of single lane road, a parking lot, nine helipads, portacabins and all of the supporting infrastructure of sewers, electricity, water, roadworks with traffic signage, street lights, excavation, backfilling, and sand berms.

A few numbers can readily illustrate the intensity of the work undertaken: up to 8500 tons per day of asphalt, 8000 tons per day of aggregate base course and 5500 m2 per day of rip rap, 21,500 m2 stamped concrete walkway, 24 km of guardrail, 156 solar lighting units, and 850 street lighting poles.

Nesma & Partners’ ability to successfully execute the Camel Heritage project can be attributed in part to leveraging the support of multiple Nesma Group companies including Nesma Onur, which executed the road work and street lighting, and Spacemaker, which manufactured over 350 porta-cabins.

The project paved the way for more than 300,000 camels and their owners to enjoy the world’s largest camel festival, the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, a cultural and fun-filled 28-day event held under the patronage of King Salman.

Mawaddah Begins Audit for ISO Stand...
Mawaddah Begins Audit for ISO Standards
May 2017

When the management at Mawaddah International Group for Hotel & Umrah Services learned that the Ministry of Hajj was planning to announce a new requirement that all companies offering Umrah services become ISO 9001:2015 certified, they decided to get ahead of the game by meeting those standards now.

ISO 9001:2015 is a set of standards put forth by the International Organization for Standardization. It is based on quality management principles such as the process approach to continual improvement and putting the customer at the focal point to ensure that the company meets customer needs and expectations. Overall, implementation of the standards helps organizations to be more efficient and improves customer satisfaction, both of which can fuel growth and profits.

Mawaddah began the process of implementing ISO 9001 with an internal audit to assess the company’s current processes, practices and internal relationships, in order to gauge their conformity with the ISO standards and to identify areas for improvement. Mawaddah staff were trained in the audit process including how to produce systematic, independent, well documented evidence and how to objectively evaluate that evidence to determine the extent to which the criteria of the standards were being fulfilled.

The internal audit, a management tool Mawaddah is using to measure the effectiveness of quality management and identify areas of non-conformance with ISO 9001 standards so that corrective actions can be implemented, is expected to result in improved efficiency and business opportunities. As part of the process, Mawaddah managers are focusing on increasing quality awareness and reducing quality costs.

The next step in the process is an external audit and finally, the ISO certification.

Mawaddah International Group was ranked by the Ministry of Hajj as one of the top ten companies in 1437 A.H. for providing pilgrims’ services.

Nesma Trading: Riyadh Metro Project...
Nesma Trading: Riyadh Metro Project Update
Apr 2017

Alongside its sister company Nesma and Partners, Nesma Trading is working on the Riyadh Metro project in joint venture with its French partner Sixense-Soldata which is part of the Vinci Group, one of the largest construction companies in the world.

Nesma Trading’s scope in the project is to provide monitoring services for the tunnels, deep underground stations and all the sensitive civil infrastructure installments. Led by the Business Ventures Division of Nesma Trading, the monitoring services are used by the main contractor as a risk management tool in order to guide the path of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) during construction activities, in order to avoid damaging sensitive infrastructure or public and private properties.

Nesma Trading’s project team has recently received two awards from BACS (Bechtel, Almabani, CCC, Siemens) for its efforts in the project. the “TUS Annual HSE Award” for achieving the highest safety standards in the project and a recognition award for the team’s ongoing commitment and dedication to the project as a subcontractor.

NT&T Completes RSAF-EMDAD Project
NT&T Completes RSAF-EMDAD Project
Mar 2017

Nesma Telecom & Technology was recognized by the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) for successfully completing EMDAD Integrated Logistics Management Information System program (ILMIS).

NT&T’s scope of work in the project was the overall delivery of software, hardware, a database and an operating system. Additionally, NT&T has successfully implemented GOLDespTM, a solution by Tapestry Solutions (Boeing Company), which is a fully integrated maintenance and supply application for all RSAF fixed wing and rotary aircraft that extends to flight simulators, armaments, and components.

Nesma Sponsors 2017 Jeddah Marathon
Nesma Sponsors 2017 Jeddah Marathon
Mar 2017

As part of its social responsibility, Nesma Holding again sponsored the annual Jeddah Marathon which was attended by thousands of Saudi and international athletes and running champions.

Organized by the well-known charity organization, Albir Society, and with the support of Jeddah officials, Jeddah Marathon takes place every year in Jeddah with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing the youth with a competitive activity with varying degrees of challenge and valuable prizes.

The marathon is organized for different categories of Jeddah society, from professional runners to hobbyists and people with special needs. This year’s marathon was divided into three categories: 4km, 8km, 21km and Nesma’s path is the longest for both wheelchair participants and the general participants.

During the marathon’s award ceremony, a speech was given by Nesma president, Sh. Saleh Al-Turki, where he emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and thanked the marathon organizers for their great efforts in delivering a successful event.

Nesma’s support for this event dates back to its inception, as Sh.Saleh who first championed the idea of having a marathon in Jeddah, after seeing its success in the Eastern Province.

Namma International Marine Services...
Namma International Marine Services Receives an Award
Mar 2017

Namma International Marine Services received an award for its excellent work at Jeddah Islamic Port in 2016.

The award ceremony was held at the training center in Jeddah Islamic Port in the presence of the President of the Saudi Ports Authority, Dr. Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi.

Al-Amoudi awarded several companies from the port society sector in addition to shipping agents, importers and customs brokers. He expressed his appreciation for the awardees’ efforts in 2016 saying, “You deserve these awards for your outstanding efforts in performing all the operations of the port, namely handling containers and cargoes, loading and unloading operations, ending the clearance procedures and clearing goods in record time in addition to proving your competence as strategic partners of the port while earning a good local, regional and international reputation.”

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