Nesma Culture

Nesma Holding is involved in many social projects and initiatives throughout the Group to reinforce the vision and mission statements which emphasize our dedication to being respected as a company and to benefiting society. This commitment encompasses our employees and community at large.

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Nesma provides job-related training programs for employees to enhance skills and maximize job performance. We promote three types of training: organizational, soft skills, and technical. Training may take place at Nesma or in collaboration with external educational providers.

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Every year, Nesma Holding organizes multiple forums to bring together employees from across the Nesma Group. These forums provide networking opportunities, encourage communication and help to identify strategic priorities for the next year. The forums are also a great way to spark friendships and boost relationships among colleagues.

National Day Celebrations

With over 51 nationalities represented in Nesma Holding and its 40+ companies, we consider the international character of our workforce to be among our strongest assets. Furthermore, these diverse employees consider Nesma to be their second home, which has led us to celebrate with each of them on the recognized independence day or national day of their countries.

Sports Teams

Sports are a big part of recreational activity at Nesma, and employees at all levels join company teams to burn off some energy, capture some glory and have a good time. Whether it is basketball, football, cricket, badminton or any of a number of other sports, Nesma’s athletes pull out the stops in striving for victory, be it in an intra-company contest, an on-site project team competition or a tournament involving teams from other companies in the Kingdom.

Our Community

The company’s community activities focus predominantly on overcoming what Nesma has termed “a poverty of capabilities.” There are many forms of poverty in the world, but the most critical one in Saudi Arabia is the inability of young women and men to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that are available to them, due to a lack of relevant skills and know-how. Accordingly, our largest community programs tackle job creation, upskilling and training, and supporting unique vocations and professions.

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Project for Public Spaces:
Building parks for the community

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We founded the Annual Jeddah Marathon

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