Nesma & Partners Awarded Phase 2 of Umm Wu’al Fluosilicic Acid (FSA) Treatment Project


Nesma & Partners was awarded a second phase of the Umm Wu’al Fluosilicic Acid (FSA) Treatment Project by MA’ADEN, by way of a lump sum contract on an engineering procurement construction (EPC) basis.

Nesma’s scope of work in this EPC contract is to provide a detailed design, materials, equipment and construction of the FSA facility and water treatment plant in the Umm Wu’al Project site, located in the North Western region of the Kingdom. In addition, Nesma & Partners will provide onsite support to deliver a fully functional FSA treatment facility, tie-ins & reactors.

The work includes earth and concrete works, water proofing and insulation, steel work and asphalt paving as well as electrical, instrumentation, communication & control installations.

The expected duration of the project’s execution phase is estimated to be 10 months.